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We accept submissions through Signal (download here) and Whatsapp (download here). All messages sent through these applications are encrypted and can only be decrypted by the recipient.

While many people in Africa are familiar with Whatsapp, we recommend you use Signal, as it provides additional security.

Please contact TruthIsNow on the following number: 

+44 7818 101 836

We will never share your identity or contact information outside of our small core team.

Image by Maksym Kaharlytskyi


TruthIsNow accepts information related to high-level government corruption, corporate actions that damage the public domain and human rights abuses.

In your message, please include: 

  • The name of the company, government office or other organisation

  • Names of any individuals who are implicated

  • Specific incidents along with dates

  • Whether these incidents can be corroborated by anyone else (names are not required)

  • Evidence for example documents or recordings of conversations

Your submission is much more likely to be published if other individuals can corroborate your allegations or you have evidence in the form of documentation, photos, videos or audio recordings. Protecting your anonymity is of our absolute priority, so we will advise you if either corroboration or supporting evidence could put you in danger.

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You should be aware that leaking sensitive information is not free of risk. There are social as well as technical risks involved that can threaten your anonymity. You can, however, take precautionary measures to help protect yourself.

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Identification Risks

It is important to recognise the information you leak could be published and may identify you. Ask yourself the following:

  • Can the information be related back to you, personally?

  • People may ask you questions about the leaked information, even if they do not know that you are the source. Can you handle the pressure that may come with this?

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Technological Risks

Whenever you use a mobile phone, the internet, a computer or other forms of digital communication, you leave traces that investigators could use to identify you. For example, the following could leave traces on your mobile phone:

  • Websites you visit, for example TruthIsNow

  • Storage of documents or other evidence

  • Correspondence with journalists or others

The above is not a conclusive list. Taking precautions, such as using the Tor browser to securely view websites (download Tor here), can help reduce these risks. However it is almost impossible to eliminate the risks.

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Social Risks

You should consider the following:

  • Do not tell anyone you are considering leaking information, and do not tell anyone once you have

  • If the leaked information is published by the media, be careful about sharing your opinion on it

  • Do not search for or view the information once it is published

  • Ensure there are no surveillance systems (e.g. security cameras) in the physical place where you leak the information

These measures can help reduce risks.

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